At the core of great execution is the ability to learn faster than anyone else.

A central part of our mission at MentalityX is the democratization of entrepreneurship and innovation; part of that mission involves making it accessible. Harnessing technology and building the digital infrastructure that will help entrepreneurs launch their startup. We built our platform for startups focusing on three words EARLY, SPEED, and AGILE; early launch and early feedback, speed time to market and agility in reacting and responding to customer needs and market shifts. We provide that crucial support in the very early stages of the entrepreneurs’ journey, but more importantly, we provide a platform that allows them to test their product/services early and go to market faster.

The Mentality LaunchX feedback loop revolves around
our three platforms are:

The Launch Platform: In the three simple steps we launch your MVP.

The Customer Platform: We upload your MVP on our customer platform and get early feedback.

The Pivot or persevere Platform: With the help of machine learning technology we provide you with a pivot or persevere option.

What we offer

LaunchX Platform

Launch an MVP in 3 steps.

Customer Platform

Get Customer Feedback early.

P&P Platform

Decide to Pivot or Persevere