Investing in the idea bringers, change makers, and world shifters that are building the future.

The mission of our venture team in line with the MentalityX vision is two-fold; Early-stage venture investment and building entrepreneurial ecosystems that will help foster an innovation culture through investment.

We provide startups with that crucial early-stage venture investment. We utilize our vast network of international scouts to carefully select entrepreneurs and ideas; with a specific focus on finding and funding teams very early. Our venture team works closely with the Mentality community, providing us with unique access to entrepreneurs and innovative startups at a very early stage which in turn allows us to connect, invest, or build ideas together with ridiculously ambitious founders and passionate teams.

Failure builds ecosystems; we provide entrepreneurs with micro-venture investment allowing them to test their products/services, go to market early and either fail fast or grow. Fostering a culture that rewards action and encourages experimentation. Our goal is to support the entrepreneur; part of that involves providing teams with options both on the funding side and on the community side, working as a launchpad for our founders. But most importantly, we are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs; we were “you” once upon a time.

We think big, start small, and move fast.

What we offer

Micro-venture investment
Early-stage venture investment
Revenue sharing growth capital