We create, accelerate, and invest in startups and new technologies,
driven by an entrepreneurial ethos and a mentality of constant innovation.

What we do

We have merged the venture-building studio with the startup accelerator and our global community (We.tality) to create a new breed of company; a unique company creation platform that turns great ideas into great companies.

We are the Venture Accelerator Company.

Our team of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, designers, anthropologists, and data scientists develop human-centric technologies; what we like to call anthropocentric technology, building in-house and accelerator companies.

We work closely with a selective group of startups from our incubator and accelerator programs. Founders can choose to join one of our projects, collaborate with other teams in our portfolio, build a team or develop their prototype in a community designed to launch and scale startups. We provide them with all the necessary infrastructure, know-how and exposure to the We.tality community; access to our alumni founders, corporate partners and investors.

We design and co-design the businesses of the future.

Our network


Startup Incubator

Our startup incubator; a hive for entrepreneurs and creatives. A microcosm of ideas; connecting art with science, churning random notions and half-formed ideas into products.


Startup Accelerator

A cutting edge accelerator program designed to launch the most impactful startups of tomorrow, today.


Corporate Innovation

We merge the statrup and corporate world to build new products and invent new markets while helping companies achieve greater efficiency and growth through innovation.



We invest early in transformational technologies and passionate teams that are building the future.


Youth Engagement Program

We have developed an experience based entrepreneurial program specifically designed to foster a culture of innovation and a new generation of entrepreneurs.


Research & Technological Development

A deep tech research & development program focused on building 'anthropocentric' technology.

Our digital platforms


Innovation Community

A global innovation community and idea marketplace connecting entreprenuers, mentors, investors and corporates.


AI Platform

A MentalityX project – an AI and machine learning algorithm currently under development. Stay tuned for future updates.


Advanced Machine Learning & Data Analytics Platform

A data-driven platform which harnesses the latest technologies to analyse startup specific data and automate the venture investment decision-making process.

Our labs

MaritimeTech X-Lab

Developing technologies for the Maritime industry and partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found companies in MaritimeTech.

LogisticsTech X-Lab

Developing Smart Port & logistics technologies and partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found companies in LogisticsTech.

CleanTech X-Lab

Developing clean technologies and partnering with entrepreneurs to co- found companies in CleanTech.

Making ideas happen.
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