Corporate Innovation


Making innovation a driver for growth and cultural transformation.

Our innovation team works closely with corporates and partners with industry leaders to build new product and services. At the same time we want to make innovation accessible, predictable and deliverable. Our model has been designed to make innovation work not only within your company but for your company.

The two pillars of the Mentality innovation methodology for corporates are; culture-based innovation (CBI) and action-based innovation (ABI); focusing on culture and impact. Making innovation work to transform culture and deliver real value.

Innovation for corporates is not only about creating a new perspective, it’s about speed of execution and operational agility; the ability to learn faster from your customers at minimal cost and to respond to market shifts. It’s about transforming employees into corporate innovators and driving growth through improved internal innovation processes.

We work on the cutting-edge to not only push boundaries, but to create new ones.

What we offer

Corporate Accelerator Program

We help you design, build, and execute a bespoke corporate accelerator program.

Innovation Acceleration

We help Corporates generate new revenue or decrease cost by focusing on creating and scaling new products/services.

Startup Connect

We connect corporates with cutting edge startups to build the businesses of the future. Introducing a new corporate collaboration program.

Innovation Future & Innovation Culture

We help Corporates prepare their organizations for the future; focusing on fostering innovation culture, digital strategy and business model innovation to drive transformation.