Investing in the idea bringers, change makers, and world shifters that are building the future in MaritimeTech & CleanTech.

MentalityVENTURES is the venture investing arm of the MentalityX Group. We will be making investments in early-stage technology companies that operate primarily in industries we believe will be at the center of a new economy powered by sustainability, electrification, and digitalization; MaritimeTech - Smart Ports & CleanTech.

We provide startups with that crucial early-stage venture investment. We utilize our network of international scouts to carefully select entrepreneurs and ideas; with a specific focus on finding and funding teams very early. Our venture team works closely with the MentalityX community, providing us with unique access to entrepreneurs and innovative startups at a very early stage which in turn allows us to connect, invest, or build ideas together with ridiculously ambitious founders and passionate teams while working closely with startups from our incubator and accelerator programs.

Our focus on operations, systems and metrics combined with a strong data approach to management and processes allows us to provide a level of support which is uncommon for early-stage startups. This breadth of support, critically, allows early-stage startups to go to market early, test their products/services, and iterate, pivot, or scale fast.

Our operational platfrom combined with a strong community focus, fosters a culture that rewards action and encourages experimentation. Our goal is to support the entrepreneur; part of that involves providing teams with options both on the funding side and on the community side, working as a launchpad for our founders. But most importantly, we are entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs; we were “you” once upon a time.

What we offer

Micro-venture investment
Early-stage venture investment
Revenue sharing growth capital