We work with visionary founders and passionate teams to create new markets and solve real world problems.

MentalityLAUNCH is a seed-stage industry focused accelerator program. We have designed a program to help founders scale their startup, connect with investors, get feedback from customers, and partner with industry leading corporate brands.

Startups that join our accelerator program join a community. As members of the community, startups that join the Launch Program can tap into an unlimited global network, exclusively built around scaling, mentoring, and investing in startups.

Each year, our team selects 6 startups to join our three-month industry-driven accelerator program. From the selection process right up until the completion of the Launch Accelerator Program, everything is focused around selecting and building lasting businesses. We take great pride in our community; alumni founders who have completed our program stay on as members of a vibrant startup community.

What we offer

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